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"Buildings, the spaces between that make different lives, influence how we think, feel, behave-how we are''

Many specialists of vari-ous fields, including sociologists, therapists and architects have repeatedly argued about how a place and the design of its spaces communicates with the human psyche, affecting the way in which people react to their lives and how they develop. It is important to note from the outset that architecture is not a treatment, but can most significantly become part of the healing process through the creation of spaces that foster and provide meaning to those activ-ities utilized to achieve gradual rehabilitation through a therapeu-tic environment.

Light, color and movement within a residence as well as land-scape and location are essential elements of this architectural therapy. The care concept is based on the idea that a positive and stimulating environment increases the well-being of patients and has a beneficial effect on their revalidation process. The design ambition was not to create a centre with the appearance of a health building but a building as a part of its surroundings and the community. The welcoming and open environment offers a natural habitat for care but at the same time allows plenty of op-portunity for other activities.